The Story of Jonny the Labrador

Jonny's Intro

Jonny is a 4 years old, male yellow labrador. He was born in Pennslyvania, PA in October 2011 and moved to Germantown, MD in December 2011. Later, he moved to San Jose, CA in April 2015. He is a 90lbs labrador and loves to eat, sleep and play. Woof Woof!!

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Jonny TheLabrador

I was an 8 weeks old puppy when I first came home in Germantown, MD. You will not believe, it took 3 hours’ drive to get home. Oh, by the way, I was born in Pennsylvania, PA. The first day at home was very nerve-racking. The new smell, new people, new environment was very interesting. I was very nervous.But,with lots of care and love from home, I was able to adjust in my new home. Such a lovely home!

It was a day before Christmas when I came home, so I was showered with lots of new toys. I also got my new bed, new bowl and new leash as well. I loved the puppy food and all the attentions, I used to get.

I also enjoyed the first snow in January 2012. It was lovely! I used to go out in the snow and eat some as well. Nom Nom.

Time passed by, and the day came when I was growing up and training was getting necessary. I started chewing things and not listen to anybody. I was around 6 months old when I started to learn basic commands like sit, come, stay, etc at home. Everybody contributed his/her time to train me.

But at one point of the time, I was required more training, so I was introduced to Morris Lindesey from icare K9. I was given a private lesson focusing more on walking. Morris was the one who introduced me with e-collar. I must say I became a well-trained, good boy. If somebody knows how to use the e-collar at the right time and at the right moment then I assure that life will be easier.

If you live in Maryland and your dog needs training then make sure to visit the site: or contact Morris Lindesey, and get more information about the training lessons.

Later, in April 2015, I moved to San Jose, CA. Again, the new place and new environment, but I enjoy in California a lot. Since the weather was perfect for outdoor activities, I get chance to visit dog parks and play with my toys outside a lot. This was awesome.

So, for now I am still in California. If I get to do something excited then I shall be updating this post as soon as possible


Life is better with a Labrador Retriever.

My Story

Jonny the Labrador
  • Jonny's First Picture


    Jonny's first picture taken in December 2011.

  • First Snow


    Snow Time.

  • Play Time


    Jonny taking rest after his play time in the dog park.

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    Sleep. Zzz

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Jonny the Labrador

Jonny's Food

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult Dog Food is jonny's favorite. He has been eating Royal Canin since he was a year old. Since, jonny is big, athletic and strong, royal canin food has supported him. Jonny recommends Royal Canin for better bone, hair, and overall health of labroador retriever

Jonny's deShedding Tool

Yes Yes, Labrador Retriever sheds a lot and Furminator deShedding tool has been Jonny's best friend.

Jonny's Conditioner for deShedding

Not often, but sometimes Jonny uses deShedding conditioner by Furminator.

Jonny's Nail Clipper

Jonny needs to cut his nail once in a while otherwise, he starts biting his nail which is a NO NO.

Jonny's favorite Toy

Labrador Retriever loves to play with the toys. Jonny loves Kong's ball. It is strong and perfect for a big dog like labrador retriever.

Jonny's usual shampoo and conditioner

Normally, jonny uses Nature's miracle shampoo and conditioner. He loves the smell.

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