Jonny's Nail Clipper

Safari Professional Large Nail Trimmer For Dogs
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Labrador Retriever bites his nails!! Yes I do!

This is going to be an interesting one! I hate to trim my nails, but if I do not trim my nails, I get very uncomfortable while walking and I tend to bite my nails.

I got this nail clipper when I was a puppy. Since puppyhoood, I did not like to cut my nails. I am a very good boy, but when it comes to trimming my nails. I like to run away. I seriously do. Every time I see the nail clipper, I disappear. That's the fun part.

About this product, this is a great product, cuts my thick toenails with ease and it has stainless steel which makes it sharp and sturdy.This is a nice sharp clippers that do not crush my toe nails. I was impressed with it. I must say its a great product!!

The good things about this product are:

  • High Quality Stainless Steel - Very Sharp
  • Safety Guard to Prevent hurting my toenails
  • Awesome Grip for Easy Handling