Jonny's Shampoo and Conditioner - Nature's Miracle

Nature's Miracle Supreme Oatmeal Odor Control Shampoo and conditioner honey saga, 32 oz
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Labrador Retriever loves to take Bath!

Nature's Miracle has been my first choice because of the smell. I love its smell, the honey saga. I also believe that Natural oatmeal shampoo and conditioner for dogs has Oatmeal in it which soothes and hydrates my skin, it neutralizes odors, makes my hair soft and I feel awesome!

When I go to the park or go for a walk, I become dirty and I smell sweat as well. So, when I take shower with Nature's miracle Oatmeal shampoo then I feel refresh and I love it.

I usually try to take a bath twice a month in Summer and once a month during winter. That's bath bath, but I wash my paws, brush my teeth and clean myself every day, mostly after visiting the park. I am not a clean freak, but love to be clean and smell nice. I make sure I look attractive. Woof Woof