Jonny's Toy - Kong

KONG Classic Dog Toy, Large, Red

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Labrador Retriever! The name says it all, I love to retrieve .

Labrador Retriever retrieves everything. That's my specialty, but I feel very happy when I get chance to retrieve Kong toy.

Kong is a durable rubber toy which comes in various colors. I have a red one which is very attractive and strong, but I have seen other colors too. One of my neighbors has it. She tries to make me jealous with it, but I always show off that mine’s better. Woof Woof!

There are lot of benefits of using this Kong toy. It comes in various sizes; I am lucky that I got the big one. Once in a while I find a delicious treat inside my toy. Those are one of the best days of my life. This toys has a hollow space in the middle where I find treats! Other days, I get to play with it. I have got lots of toys for my birthdays, Christmas, random surprises or other occasions. I really appreciate it when I get the toys, but unfortunately, it does not last long. Do not ask me what I did to them. But, guess what, I got the Kong toy a year and half ago, and I still have it. Kong is very durable and strong.

Did I tell you that this toy is super bouncy and I get super excited to fetch this toy? Also, not to forget, chewing this toy is another great pleasure.

Oh yes, on my 3rd birthday, I had a stick-bone treat inside the Kong ball. It looked like a candle and cake which was a great idea. Just look at the picture below. Awww!